Creating a sustainable business means having sales people who can cut through the noise and close leads. Experiential Selling takes over where transactional relationships end. Understanding our clients and helping them to experience the benefits of our services is key to creating and maintaining a relationship that will endure. An increase in the use and prevalence of technology is driving a greater need for human interaction and connection during the sales process.

Buyers seek out experts to help them make decisions, and in the absence of a human connection with a sales person, they will find those experts elsewhere. If your business wants to control the sales cycle, it needs to have sales people who know how to establish and maintain relationships with clients. When buyers see their sales person as an expert and trustworthy they are more likely to buy. When they have a great experience during the sale and beyond they are more likely to buy again.

Sales Unlimited: Experiential Selling

Who is it for

This program is designed for sales professionals at all levels who must create a powerful relationship of trust with their clients and customers. Experiential Selling can be customized to fit sales professionals at all levels of experience and for any industry that relies on conveying the experience and value of their brand to their clients from the very first interaction.

Luxury brands, hotels and resorts, financial services, entrepreneurs, tech and professional services can especially benefit from a program that focuses their sales people on two things:
1. Building a relationship of trust between them and their client; and
2. Creating an experience during the sales process that matches the brand image of the organization.

What you can expect

This three-day extensive sales training program explores the right skill and mind sets for a professional sales person.
• Self-discovery and critique
• Group exploration and facilitator led discussions
• Practical exercises
• Best practice theory exploration

Timeline / Outline

Day 1
• What is Relationship Sales?
• Set a Sales Vision
• Selling Skill Set

Day 2
• Why they buy
• Listen and know your FAB skill set
• Engage Emotions
• Present like a pro

Day 3
• Handle Objections & Follow up
• Professional Mindset Selling
• Understand buyer types
• Follow Up