Being able to communicate clearly, consistently and confidently is a critical business skill. You need to communicate in a way that is consistent with who you are as a leader. It sounds simple enough, but it is still one of the toughest things for most business people. It is one area that has been made harder by tech instead of better.

Present to Lead is a custom program with 6 presentations designed to mimic real world scenarios. Participants also bring their own presentations are coached live, and are given the opportunity to self-coach using video. Transform your communication in 2 days and communicate like the leader you are.

Present to Lead

Who is it for

Being able to speak confidently and clearly has never been more important than it is today. Technology is shortening our attention span and the constant input from all kinds of media means there is an amazing amount of competition for attention.

This program is designed for participants who want to communicate well and be heard:
• sales people who want to impress clients;
• leaders & managers who need to inspire and instruct;
• entrepreneurs preparing for their next round of VC; and
• anyone else who has a message they want to powerfully deliver.

What you can expect

In the two day program you will be on your feet giving presentations and receiving coaching. The program is filled with practical and immediate value. Six presentations over 2 days. Each presentation is videoed so that self-coaching can help drive improvement.

Timeline / Outline

Day 1
• Powerful Introductions
• Storytelling with Emotion
• Getting Technical

Day 2
• Communicating with Enthusiasm
• Convincing Argument (including Q&A)
• Inspiring Change