To be a leader you must be an expert. What are you adding to the organization? How are you driving up your own value? Are you smarter today than you were yesterday? Get better, be smarter, add value.

Leadership Unlimited is a curriculum designed to take both new and experienced leaders and managers on a journey to explore management & leadership; and close the gap between the leader they are, and the leader they want to be.

Leadership Unlimited helps leaders and managers identify leadership characteristics and skills that they need to improve and to implement a plan to learn or sharpen those skills.

Leadership Unlimited

Who is it for

This curriculum is a practical exploration of what it means and what it takes to be al leader. Each program is customized to the seniority level of the participants, from recently promoted, new managers, to senior leaders with strategic responsibility.

Organizations expect their leaders and managers to understand what leadership is and how to execute it. This program is an opportunity for leaders and managers to set themselves on a clear and actionable leadership path.

What you can expect

Participants will be able to answer three fundamental questions by participating in this curriculum:
1. What is leadership?
2. What is my plan to improve my leadership?
3. How does my organization want me to lead?
The course explores leadership traits and attributes, as well as the skills necessary to perform leadership: a combination of insight and action.

Timeline / Outline

Day 1
• What is Leadership?
• What is my Leadership Vision?
• Gap Coaching Model
• Improvement Areas

Day 2
• Workplace Values
• Innovation Project Design
• Performative Leadership
• Time Management

Day 3
• Project Planning
• Gap Coaching 2
• Performance management
• Inspiring Leadership