About Mark Cosgrove

With more than 25 years in business, and the last ten as a senior Learning and Development (L&D) professional, Mark Cosgrove works with organizations to drive leadership excellence across all levels. Mark is an expert at developing and leading training interventions that help organizations grow business; and grow leaders. As a Master Trainer, specializing in experiential training and coaching, Mark has delivered training that drives employee and leader engagement.

Working in Hong Kong and Singapore for over a decade, Mark has worked with the major industries who make these hubs their home base; including Banking & Finance, Engineering & Construction, Civil Service, as well as Hotels & Hospitality. In addition to designing and delivering training Mark is an expert Master Trainer in experiential training who has trained and certified hundreds of trainers across Asia.

Recent projects include:
• Launching a global Sales Training Curriculum
• Customizing the sales curriculum for a Luxury Hotel brand
• Supporting 26 training centers in APAC
• Developing trainer development and certification standards
• Leading engagement and thought leadership seminars and
webinars globally