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To be a leader you must be an expert. What are you adding to the organization? How are you driving up your own value? Are you smarter today than you were yesterday?
Get better, be smarter, add value.
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Creating a sustainable business means having sales people who can cut through the noise and close leads. Experiential Selling takes over where transactional relationships end.
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Being able to communicate clearly, consistently and confidently is a critical business skill. You need to communicate in a way that is consistent with who you are as a leader.
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Are you better today than you were yesterday? Your only job is to be better, smarter and more useful today than you were yesterday.
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What’s great about working with Mark as a coach is that he let the journey be mine. He encouraged experimentation with a variety of communication strategies and techniques from which I adopted and further developed those best fit to my personality and professional environment. Approaches that at first felt foreign soon became natural and reinforced by the positive reactions of others. The tool box I’ve assembled with help from Mark will be utilised long after our professional engagement has passed.

– Senior Executive, Luxury Hospitality

Our Approach

Action is where the possible becomes probable
Experience is everything; for those leading training as well as for the training participants. Experiential training is based on premise that we learn more and can do more when we learn through doing. There is a reason that you are called a ‘participant’ when you are in one of our programs.

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About Mark Cosgrove

With more than 25 years in business, and the last ten as a senior Learning and Development (L&D) professional, Mark Cosgrove works with organizations to drive leadership excellence across all levels. An expert in developing and leading training interventions that help organizations grow business; and grow leaders. As a Master Trainer, specializing in experiential training and coaching, Mark has delivered training that drives employee and leader engagement.

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